Communism: A little book of facts is a project aimed at informing the general public about events that took place in the past century, emphasizing on the problems and tragedies that followed them. In a form of a pocket booklet, the material shows historical events, economical comparisons between countries and quotes of famous figures from recent decades. Distributed by the Museum of Communist Terror in London.
The idea behind the cover is to use a photo that shows the chaos of ideas and different viewpoints that will mark the upcoming inner struggle of the Communist regimes.

Lenin is situated on the cover of the booklet in a tight corner (where he soon found himself ruling the Soviet Union).
Size: A6.
Pages: 32.
Paper: 190 gsm & 100 gsm offset.
Production: Inkpression.
Availability: United Kingdom.
In the layout of Communism: A little book of facts sometimes the distribution of information is aimed to be delivered in a strongly visual way and breaking the common principles of graphic design in order to persuade an emotion.
Commissioned by:: Museum of Communist Terror
Role: Editorial design