education and experience;
After I went to a design school to study Visual Arts, got my bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Journalism in Sofia University. I've worked in advertising agencies for 10 years, in places like reforma, McCann Sofia and Nitram.

what I do;
I enjoy clean and stick-to-the-point design. I put a great amount of energy into the initial part of the projects I am developing. My working process begins with reading. Ideas and hypotheses rarely generate solutions if the research is done effortlessly.

I freely use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I enjoy giving additional pace to the projects in After Effects and have knowledge of Premier. I use Sketch, Xd and Principle when doing web or app design.

Zagorka and Deutschemarkenbutter are among the Bulgarian brands I've worked with. Other than them, I've done projects for MasterCard, bet365, FOX Life, National Geographic, Coca-Cola, and UniCredit.

I like Scandinavian noir in both books and cinematography. Have an interest in English history. Love Czech beer and watch a lot of Australian series. I study Ukrainian language.