Gourmenitsa is a brand specialized in producing variety of Balkan relishes. The name comes from a combination of the sophisticated foreign word "gourmet" and the Slavic suffix for forming diminutives "-tsa".
The Bulgarian word for villager or countryman has a strongly negative connotation in the language. Its used to describe violent behavior and bad taste. But the truth is that people from the villages are in general hard-working and diligent, who enjoy the everyday life in modest and prudent way.
SuperSelsko.eu is roughly translated as "so-village.eu".

It narrates 4 stories from the countryside – about an elder villager, the garden, the local tavern and a grandmother (babushka).
The grid system in superselsko.eu is based on the Golden ratio, because the most common ground between design and food is finding the good balance between everything you use.
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